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CellNovation Technology Corporation produces a line of advanced skin care products. All of the skin care products are made with an Intellectual Property (IP) patent pending formula. At the present time we have developed three different product lines. One is a prescription based product line that targets chronic wound care. A second line is designed for Tattoo After Care and is available without a prescription.  The third line is a cosmetic skin care product that contains the base underlying proprietary formula found in the two wound based topicals.


The basic foundation of the formula is designed to promote and support the body’s own repair and regeneration of nano-subcellular machinery. Unlike other skin care products, our product lines contain a unique combination of natural ingredients that promote the bodys own repair systems from mitochondrial function using CoQ10 to full-fill the increased energy demand required for new tissue repair (stimulated by Vitamin E’s gene modulation properties), and Zinc that not only supports the immune response mechanism but also enhances antibiotic’s potency. 



The chronic wound cream XIRMa, served as the basis for the technology. It contains a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity unlike any other product on the market. 

Tattoo Doctor is a very similar formulation to the XIRMa Chronic Wound Care product, but will have different concentrations and substitutions of various ingredients so that it does not require a prescription.

This category of products will exclude the anti-microbial components of the wound formulations and are focused on skin regeneration aspects and nutrient support.